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Because combining both the knowledge and experience of catering and event management with technical skills and importantly, understanding our clients requirements. At CADplanners we understand the needs of this industry more than anybody and we tailor solutions that work!

The Easiest to Use Floor Plan Software
When Microsoft Visio came onto the scene back in the 90’s there was nothing suitable for the industry which did not require in depth training and a lot of time to learn. Microsoft Visio is without doubt the most user friendly interface for managing space in a 2D and also 3D environment. It’s “smart shape” technology is way ahead of it’s competition not to mention the flexibility and customization options available. When CADplanners install a solution for a client, we also allow about 35 minutes training for competent use. In addition, it is really that easy to use our software!

CADplanners 1.8m Round Table

Create Event Layouts

No More Table Shuffle When Setting Up Events

We take pride in creating Event Planning Software that allows you to create brilliant function plans in minutes, knowing it will fit. Software that allows you to simply drag and drop your scaled furniture icons onto a customised & precise plan of your venue. Your staff will create accurate floor plans with 45 minutes training.

Sales Teams Have An Added Advantage Of Securing More Business

Not only will your clients appreciate this service, but your staff can easily create their own custom floor plan layouts including banquet, dinner dance, theatre and classroom styles with absolute precision – shuffling furniture will be a thing of the past. “What you see, is precisely what will fit”.

Labour & Event Setup Costs Reduced

Our Event Layout Software is without doubt, the most user friendly interface for managing space in a 2D/3D environment. It’s “smart shape” technology is way ahead of it’s competition, not to mention the enormous flexibility and customising options available.

3D floor plan of Marriott Hotel

Create Event Layouts In 3 Minutes!

Our software ensures efficiency and reliability allowing you to create the perfect event layout in just minutes without any disruptions! With our simple drag and drop method, you can experience for yourself how easy and efficient Visio really is!

Our software includes unlimited support and training, including phone and remote login support.

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Scaled site plan with CADplanners floor plan software

Professional Site Plans

Site Development is another area we specialise in. To create schematic site plans we utilize satellite imagery and various mapping services in conjunction with architectural CAD software to ensure what you see on screen is EXACTLY what will fit in the outdoor space. Check out the Site Map for Sleemans Sports Complex.

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