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Each day, a Sydney based law firm has approximately 2,800 staff who are assigned a work station within the companies 800 work locations across Australia. Staff daily movements were usually meant up to 200 relocation’s. The process of identifying and documenting these movements on their 27 separate floor plans in Sydney alone, with another 5 states was an incredibly huge task!


Furthermore the company had information available relating to staff movements through their Human Resources database. This then allowed Cadplanners to dynamically link this information to the floor plans. CADplanners sourced the latest architectural plans, dissected the non-architectural elements from the CADfile and converted them to scaled Visio objects.

Problem Solved

The final task was to also automate the complete process. This therefor enabled no human intervention. All 27 floors were dynamically re-constructed based on the latest human resources data. Then the plans were then converted to PDF and located to the company intranet system. This was installed on their server, tested and implemented.

A Perfect Solution

Asset Management Software not only tracks staff movements and visually represents these on floor plans, but it can also produce detailed ‘space’ reports. Therefore this could be used in tracking the occupancy of various business units as well as departments. Furthermore it can also calculate how much space (square meters / feet) each unit and department occupies.

The company then can finally use this data to work out leasing costs for each department. It can even include the ‘common’ space calculations (corridors, storerooms, circulation) and work out a percentage that a department uses of the common spaces. These reports also give totals as well as summaries for each floor level and department for that level. Depending on how your company is structured, i.e. if you have other buildings/offices in other states, it can also produce ‘per State’ totals etc.

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