At Natural History Museum we were unaware of our venues maximum capacity. Our staff were often mistaken by what could fit and we were stunned to find that our perceived capacities were incorrect and space was underutilised. We were able to easily identify the best configuration to maximize our space. Even table sizes are critical when it comes to analysing the best use of furniture. At the click of a mouse, different scenarios can be tested with a best fit often identifying an increase in pax seating. Function Layout Software allows us to increase our venues capacity with ease.

Paolo Macis

Deputy operations manager – events and catering, natural history museum


These added professional event services for your clients not only make life easier for the event manager, but signals to a potential customer that you are organized and better suited to managing their event than others. With CADplanners, you can expect an increase in secured forward bookings. At Sydney Showground highly value our Event Room Layout Software .

Bernadette Serone

Senior manager event operations, sydney showground


At Dockside we are using Cadplanners for streamlining the planning processes and improving client communications for event plans. Since implementation (9 years ago), Cadplanners have been a phenomenal company to work with. We were amazed with their dedication to ensure we had a thorough understanding of their software and always respond immediately to any emails. We have been surprised by their quick responce to developing new modules customised for our venue….we love it !

Amy Stagnitta, The Dockside Group

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